On 27 June 2019 a Double Celebration event was arranged for members and guests to witness the presentation of a £6,700 cheque to Fylde Borough Council to pay for the conservation work done on the two marble statues, Hebe and Amphitrite.  

It was also arranged so that Margaret Race and Sarah Kellam could officially present their gift of the Richard Ansdell sketch, ‘Three Sheep’s Heads’, to the Collection.

Between the planning and the actual event taking place, we learned that another surprise donation was in store. Sarah Kellam and her husband, Colin, very kindly brought with them lithographs of two Richard Ansdell paintings.

Sarah explained to us all the significance of these wonderful pictures. One is probably quite rare as it is of a painting Ansdell decided not to use. The other is of the original huge Richard Ansdell painting which hangs in the Main Hall of Edinburgh Castle, and which he completed in 1847. The subject and title of both lithographs and paintings is ‘The Fight for the Standard at the Battle of Waterloo’.

It was most interesting listening to Sarah who, as always, demonstrated her extensive knowledge of her great-great-grandfather, Richard Ansdell RA.