This is the third in our series where we look at the lives of donors to the Collection.

We recognise that you may be interested to learn about these generous people without whom we would not have such a prestigious collection of artworks.

Lake Geneva 1885 by Therese Fuchs donated by Henry Augustus Boon Snary

Lake Geneva, 1885, by Therese Fuchs  – donated by Henry Augustus Boon Snary

Henry Augustus Boon Snary, 1873 – 1941

Henry was born in Bristol to Frederick Snary (1830-1887) and his second wife, Sarah Ann Boon. Frederick was an artist and renowned photographer. His studio at 26 Castle Street was established in 1856. Sarah was also an artist and photographer.


A studio portrait by Frederick Snary of Bristol in the 1850s

A studio portrait by Frederick Snary of Bristol in the 1850s

A studio portrait by Frederick

Frederick was a leading light of Bristol: he was on the Bristol Board of Guardians of the Poor, a Freemason, a member of the Ancient Order of Free Gardeners and Ancient Order of Foresters.

When he died from a foot abscess his funeral was attended by many luminaries of the city. Sadly, a son, also called Frederick, died a few weeks later from typhoid fever.

Tracing Henry’s Roots…

So as can be seen our donor, Henry, came from an artistic and well regarded family. In 1891 he was living in Lambeth with his wife, Mary, and practising as a dentist. The couple had three children, Dorothy born in Leeds in 1905 and twins, Edith and Harry, born in Blackburn in 1907.

By 1911 they were living at 49 Blackpool Road, Lytham St Annes and Henry’s dental practice was at 86 Woodlands Road, Lytham St Annes. In 1939 the address was 52 Woodlands Road.

Dorothy married Leonard W Killeen on the Fylde in 1931 and she was the executrix of his will in 1941.

Marjorie Gregson


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