People are finding different ways to commemorate 75yrs since the end of the Second World War in Europe. We have been looking back to see if we had anything relating to V.E.Day 1945.

We found that this painting, ‘The Rescue’ had been donated in May 1945.

‘The Rescue’ was painted in 1866 by renowned animal and genre artist, Richard Ansdell (1815-1885).

It was presented to the Lytham St Annes Art Collection by Alderman and Mrs Dawson in May 1945 to commemorate V.E. Day.

It is a powerful oil painting showing Ansdell’s working knowledge of the Scottish shepherd and his life. Ansdell had a lodge in Scotland and would often accompany the Highland shepherd on his daily round whatever the weather or mission and the dangers facing the flock.

The picture shows the artist’s mastery at painting an animal’s anatomy and the texture of its coat.


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