‘At Home’ at the Town Hall, Tues 29 March 2022

Committee member Christine inviting guests to enjoy some cake

Committee member Christine inviting guests to enjoy some cake

On the 29th March 2022, over 40 members gathered in St. Anne’s Town Hall for a very enjoyable afternoon.

Chairman, Margaret Race, welcomed everyone, in particular the special guests, Mary Eccles and Eileen Stuart, donors of two paintings recently added to our Collection, and Councillors Michael Sayward and Gavin Harrison, Chair and Vice Chair of the Tourism and Leisure Committee.

Commenting that the last two years had been a challenge, Margaret said the Committee had never stopped working: holding meetings by Zoom and maintaining an online presence on our websites and Facebook.

Now able to plan events we look forward to an event in May, a trip to Saltaire on 22 June 2022 and another get together in the Autumn. She reported that there have been some additions to the composition of the Friends:

  • Jacqueline Love, has been made an honorary member
  • Barbara Weston has been appointed Vice Chair
  • Sarah Kellam, now Mrs. Dean, the great, great granddaughter of Richard Ansdell, has been pleased to accept the position of President. The acknowledged authority on Ansdell, she will be known in this office as Sarah Ansdell.

Margaret read her lovely letter of acceptance in which Sarah described how she had become involved with the Collection and met in Margaret a kindred spirit who shared the same aspirations and vision.


An Entertaining Talk By Barbara Weston: Website & Facebook Engagement Results In Donated Paintings

Committee member, Barbara Weston

Vice Chair, Barbara Weston

Barbara Weston gave an entertaining talk commenting that our Facebook write-ups/posts reach people who knew nothing about the Collection.

Indeed, The Windmill, Lytham, 1916, was viewed by 4000 people.

Our contact page on the website has engendered great interest around the world and has led to increased knowledge about items in the Collection and even led to further donations.

Three new additions to the Collection were on view at the front of the Council Chamber as Barbara told us about each painting, artist and donor. The first was donated by Nicola Schwartz of St. Alban’s, who had used the Contact Form.


Woodland Scene by Frederick W. Hines (1852-1928)

Woodland Scene by Frederick W. Hines (1852-1928)


It is a watercolour by Fred Hines which had belonged to her mother and she gave it in her memory and it complements beautifully another watercolour by the same artist in the Collection, “New Forest, Hampshire”, being very similar in style and composition.

Artist Frederick W. Hines (1852-1928)

Artist Frederick W. Hines (1852-1928)

Hines was a prolific artist and illustrator who studied at the Royal Academy and exhibited regularly. He specialised in rural scenes of an idyllic world and was very popular, exhibiting regularly at the Royal Academy. Hines illustrated many works including Goldsmith’s The Deserted Village. His pictures were used on Christmas cards and he wrote and illustrated religious tracts.

The Second was donated by Mrs Eccles, a special guest on this occasion, a watercolour of Lytham Windmill painted by her late husband Tom Eccles. There is already a coloured print of Tom’s work in the Collection, A Fylde Pasture in Spring, donated by former MP Michael Jack in 2002.


A Quiet Game, Lytham Windmill - a watercolour painting by Tom Eccles (1912-2016)

A Quiet Game, Lytham Windmill – a watercolour painting by Tom Eccles (1912-2016)


Artist Tom Eccles (1912-2016)

Artist Tom Eccles (1912-2016)

Tom was an artist of national and international repute having studied Fine Art. He was a war artist during the Korean War and recorded scenes some of which are now in the Imperial War Museum, London.

After working in industry he went into Adult Education at Blackpool and Fylde College. He painted many scenes in and around Lytham which have been used in sought after Christmas cards and record memories of a bygone era.


The third painting is a watercolour by Stanley Warburton donated by our other special guest, member, Eileen Stuart. She had purchased the painting in 2013 when Stanley’s executors held a sale of his works in his studio. There are two other of his works in the Collection, “The Long Causeway, looking back to Heptonstall, Yorkshire” and “Hebden Bridge”.

The Old Bridge over Gayle Beck, Hawes -a watercolour painting by Stanley Warburton (1919-2012)

The Old Bridge over Gayle Beck, Hawes -a watercolour painting by Stanley Warburton (1919-2012)


Artist Stanley Warburton (1919-2012)

Artist Stanley Warburton (1919-2012)

Stanley was born in Heywood, Lancashire and trained as an engineer draughtsman. He was artistically inspired by the paintings of his grandfather, Daniel Warburton, which adorned his grandmother’s home.

Stanley was mainly self-taught amassing an academic knowledge of different techniques from many artists though he did study at the School of Art in Bury and was mentored by L. S. Lowry. He also had a life-long love of Turner.


Councillor Michael Sayward Looks Forward To Working with The Friends

Councillor Michael Sayward, recently elected Chair of the Tourism and Leisure Committee, was then invited to say a few words. He said how pleased he was to be our guest and looked forward to working with the Friends. The raffle was drawn before members were invited to enjoy the delicious refreshments and peruse the works of art on view.

NB: You can read more about all three artists on our website www.lythamstannesartcollection.org.



Article Author:  Marjorie Gregson