This painting, the star of our Collection, was given to the Collection by my Grandfather, Alderman James H Dawson, in 1950.

It has hung on the walls of the Town Hall for over 90 years because it was on loan before it was donated to the Collection. It has often been away being exhibited in Art Galleries and Museums all over the world.

There is currently an exhibition at The Courtauld Gallery, London, from 13 October to 8 January 2023 entitled ‘Fuseli and the Modern Woman: Fashion, Fantasy, Fetishism’. As you can see from the picture below, they are using detail from our Fuseli in their advertising.


Fuseli - Jacquemart Andre Museum, Paris advert

Fuseli – Jacquemart Andre Museum, Paris advert


However, it is not part of the Exhibition in London but is currently on loan to the Jacquemart – Andre Museum in Paris.

It is the star of an exhibition entitled ‘Fuseli, the Realm of Dreams and the Fantastic’ or in French, ‘Fussli, entre reve et fantastique’, running from 16 September to 23 January 2023.

If you look at the website,, there is a fabulous moving display of the exhibits ending with our own Fuseli, which is obviously the star attraction and used in their advertising.

A description of it is as follows,

“Comprising 60 works from public and private collections, this exhibition takes you on a journey through the most emblematic works by Fuseli, an artist known for depicting the imaginary and the sublime.

From Shakespearean themes to representations of dreams, nightmares and apparitions and mythological and Biblical illustrations, Fussli forged a new aesthetic that shifted daringly and often dazzlingly between reality and the fantastic”.

Margaret Race