Over the years the sale of cards has brought in a steady stream of money.

We were fortunate that in 2011 we applied for and were successful in getting funding of £1,500 from the Community Projects Fund which meant we could get many different Greetings Cards and Postcards printed.

The cards and postcards are on sale in Booths, Lytham, just outside the Fylde Gallery. At Christmas we make a special effort and this year is no exception.

We are delighted to offer two new Christmas Cards and a Calendar for 2019. It is a difficult decision to make to print Calendars for sale because the pressure is on to sell them all by the end of the year whereas the cards do not have a finite life.


'Startled Deer in a Landscape' Xmas Card 2018

‘Startled Deer in a Landscape’ Xmas Card 2018


'In Disgrace' 2018 Xmas card

‘In Disgrace’ 2018 Xmas card


We have been so pleased that we have a very inventive, artistically talented member, Sue Cannon, who takes images of pictures from the Collection and adds features which turn them into Christmas scenes.

Last year Sue made Walter Eastwood’s ‘Market Hall, Lytham’ look beautiful as a snowy scene. That card sold so well last year and is again on sale this year along with the very popular ‘Heavenly Host’ card featuring part of the Wallace Wood Mural in St Cuthberts Church, Lytham.

This year she has taken Charles Burton Barber’s ‘In Disgrace’ and added Christmas items and Clarence H Roe’s ‘Startled Deer in a Landscape’ and added snow, making it resemble Landseer’s famous ‘Monarch of the Glen’ in winter!


2019 Friends of the Lytham St Annes Art Collection Calendar is on sale now!

2019 Friends of the Lytham St Annes Art Collection Calendar is on sale now!


We are also glad to offer for sale this year the Calendar which committee member, Marjorie Gregson, has created. Marjorie chose some of our favourite pictures from the Collection and placed them appropriately in each of the twelve months of the year. It has a very clean, attractive cover featuring ‘The Italian Flower Girl’ by Eugene de Blaas, one of our iconic paintings. It is well set out and beautifully printed.


Inside the Friends of the Lytham St Annes Art Collection 2019 calendar

Inside the Friends of the Lytham St Annes Art Collection 2019 calendar


Two other committee members played an important part in the production of these cards and calendar which has meant we can potentially make a bigger profit on the sales. Veronica McDonnell noticed an advertisement in the local paper which invited local charities to apply for funding to the Mary Cecily Woods Charitable Trust.

Veronica duly brought this to our attention in committee and Barbara Weston, our Fund-raising and Publicity Officer, lost no time in submitting an application. Not long after we were rewarded by receiving a cheque for over £1,000 to cover the printing costs. This has enabled us to print more cards and thus reduce the cost per item and thereby increase the potential profit.

The money we make on the sale of our Christmas Goods will go towards the cost of the conservation of Hebe and Amphritite – a work in progress.

So if you have not yet bought your Christmas Cards, please consider ordering some of ours knowing that you are helping the Friends in their efforts to fund this important conservation work

  • The Cards are the same size as last year, A5, and same quality and price, 75p each or 10 for £6
  • They can be posted in the UK with the usual 1st or 2nd class stamps (it may be more expensive to send abroad)
  • FREE delivery if you live locally