Conservation work done since Friends was formed with money raised by the Friends, or by attracting donations.

The Drummer Boy, painting by Mark William Langlois

Lost in the bowels of the Town Hall for 40 years emerging dirty and dusty. Conservation funded by the Friends.

Cost £2,000

The New Curate, painting by Percy Robert Craft

Conservation paid for entirely by Peter Bretherton, then President of the Lawn Tennis Association in London after Margaret Race wrote to him hoping the LTA might contribute towards the cost.

Cost £4,400

Lytham Sandhills, painting by Richard Ansdell RA

Conservation funded by Lytham St Annes Civic Society who had recently been left a considerable sum of money. A conversation between Marion Coupe, Chair of the CS, and Margaret Race, Chair of the Friends, resulted in part of the bequest funding this work.

Cost £3,000

Lochnagar, painting by Alfred de Breanski Snr

Conservation funded by donation from Reta Midgeley and Fund set up in her name following her death.

Cost £1,920

Alcina, sculpture by F S Francini

Conservation funded by donation from Ivan Midgeley, son of Reta, received on the first anniversary of Reta’s death.

Cost £1,343

Lady Seated on a Balcony (‘Penelope’) by A L Andrieux

Conservation paid for by donation from James Hilton and the Friends.

Cost £4,125

Hebe & Amphritite, sculptures by R Rinaldo & B E Spence resp.

Conservation funded by the Friends part of which was funding of £2,700 from the Aurelius Trust.

Cost £6,700

Seven Ivories: Devotion, Clam’s Dream, A Gust of Wind, Elephant Bridge, Daikoku and a Child, Tortoise Playing with Fisherman and Fisherman Serenity

Conservation funded by donation from The Arts Society Fylde on the occasion of their 10th Anniversary.

Cost £1,000


Total £24,488