Dear Friends of the Lytham St Annes Art Collection,

I am delighted to have recently been appointed as the Collections Development Officer at Fylde Borough Council. I am very fortunate to have taken on such an exciting and rewarding role, the foundations of which were artfully (pun intended!) laid by my predecessor, Amanda Draper.

Building upon the progress made with the Collection over recent years by Amanda and the Friends, I will be working diligently to achieve accreditation for the Collection from Arts Council England. The Accreditation Scheme sets out nationally-agreed standards for the care of collections, which inspire the confidence of the public and funding and governing bodies.

It enables museums, or custodians of collections, to assess their current performance and supports the development of their services. In order to achieve accreditation, I will be working with the Friends and other key partners to develop both the Collection and the exhibition programme at Fylde Gallery.  The wheels are well and truly in motion!

I began the journey to accreditation by writing and implementing integral policies for the management of the Collection, assessing digital and physical access to the Collection and making preventative conservation of the Collection a priority at Fylde Borough Council. As you may know, we will have a new and secure art store by the new year, following a £50,000 commitment by Fylde Borough Council, which will provide an appropriate home for our beloved Art Collection.

I am looking forward to working with the Friends of the Lytham St Annes Art Collection and our friends at Lancashire County Council, to ensure that the Collection reaches its full potential and continues to develop and provide engaging and enriching experiences for new and existing audiences.

Best wishes,

Collections Development Officer

Fylde Borough Council